PYRO Restaurant POS & Hotel Management Software

PYRO Restaurant POS

Why Pyro Restaurant POS

  • 15 years on restaurant management system technologies
  • 7 / 24 live support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Increase in speed, measurability, control, service quality
  • Reduce of human errors
  • Staff and equipment savings
  • Fast return on investment

With Pyro Restaurant POS

  • Order errors are eliminated
  • Staff based leaks are prevented
  • Reduced staff cost
  • Speeds up orders and payments
  • Fast and accurate delivery is provided by customer tracking system
  • Low stock warning system

Hardware Features

  • Convenient use with touch screen
  • Ordering an unlimited number of handheld and central terminals
  • Printing orders to kitchen and bar printers with time, detail, table number and staff name
  • Wireless connection with handheld, cashier and kitchen

Software Features

  • Classification by products
  • Flexible menu management
  • Login with different authorization by Waiter / Cashier / Administrator codes or smart cards
  • Receiving a cash report at any time
  • Advanced excel output reporting modules
  • Cost calculation
  • Staff and product based sales lists
  • Customer recognition on takeaway
  • Ten different payment types such as cash, credit card, food voucher
  • Access from the mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • Recipe cost analysis
  • Income, expense, profit, loss analysis
  • Reservation
  • In hotels transferring the bill to the room account


  • Detailed stock, sales reporting
  • Ability to analysis all past movements
  • Analysis the authorized transactions such as order cancel, non-payment, discount
  • Detailed depot input output reports
  • Get all reports as Excel files


  • Caller ID support for the number of telephone lines
  • Automatic registered customer recognition

Pyro Restaurant POS Modules

  • Staff
  • Menu
  • Product Details
  • Recipe
  • Banquet
  • Restaurant Depot
  • Restaurant Report
  • Cancel Order
  • Bill
  • Customer
  • Telephone
  • Reservation
  • Open Account
  • Main Depot
  • Depot Report
  • Supplier
  • Income
  • Expense
  • Staff Payment

PYRO Restaurant POS Pre-Payment System

Why Pre-Payment POS?

  • It is a pos system with a proximity (rfid) card for clubs, pools, sites, beaches, aqua parks, hotels, water entertainment pools and schools
  • No cash flow within the facility
  • Leaks are prevented

PYRO Hotel Management Software

Why Pyro Hotel?

  • You can manage the operation in all departments of your hotel in electronic environment
  • 7 / 24 live support
  • Easy to learn, practical to use
  • Can be arranged according to the special needs of your hotel


  • Display available and reserved room numbers via calendar
  • Display reservation via calendar


  • Define price in every foreign currency
  • Define different price strategies for each period
  • Define pricing according to the age of children
  • Define quota and sales stop
  • Room and guest distribution, average amounts per person occupancy rates and similar reports


  • Prepayment and deposit transaction when booking
  • Follow the transfer details
  • Access to customer details and accommodation information
  • Transferring room


  • CRM application where you can save detailed guest information


  • Determine housekeeper for the rooms
  • Clean, dirty, out of order separation in room maintenance
  • Found and delivery information for lost items


  • Dashboard display, front desk operations, bookings, departments and agency updated information
  • Advanced filtering and inquiry options for monitoring of occupancy rate, changes in new bookings and bookings, check-in and checkout guests, cashier balance
  • Export the data queries as document or send as e-mail


  • Submit detailed purchase request approval by selecting supplier
  • Confirmation of request and automatic ordering

Cash Proceeds

  • Tracking of cash proceeds through the software


  • Keep staff information on the software
  • Tracking staff payments


  • Reporting of all foreign currencies


  • Different type of room identification


  • Graphical and excel reporting
  • Numerical and percentage accommodation, occupancy rates
  • Accommodation and extra income reports


  • Income monitoring through the software


  • Monitoring of expenses and payments through the software

Restaurant POS

  • Transfer to a la carte or room account
  • Automatic customer recognition in room service

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